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Ja, okej, då var man klar med ännu en bild, o som vanligt så har jag använt mig av copic markers o airbrush. Eftersom jag har ett internationellt galleri, så skrev jag texten på engelska o har i ärlighetens namn inte ork att skriva den på svenska också, så om ni vill höra bakgrundshistorien till denna bild så får ni läsa den här nedan på engelska ;) Ni får jättegärna kommentera vad ni tycker:) (inte om min engelska, utan om bilden XD )
The story behind this picture is to loooong, but to make it short, I got this idea, after an argument with a stranger on a bus, that turned out to be a rasist.
The truth is, that fears limit us humans (or, at least what I belive myself). And when we are limited, we feel imprisoned. And when we are imprisoned, we feel insecure, and  we feel more fear and anger over our own limitations. And we start to hate. Hate everything that is outside of our own comfort zone. And we begin to imagine danger and threats,  that do not even exists.

True freedom is daring to love, and to dare to be loved too. those who believe that you need eyes to see a persons value, are wrong. It is only when we look at a person with our hearts, as we see the person's true nature. It is only when we are free to love whomever we want, we are free for real.

With this picture, I would advocate "the freedom to love" whoever you want, because love requires no eyes. In Sweden right now, racism has been a disturbing upcoming trend, and even if it has not spread much yet,  I think it is important that at an early stage, show a strong and united opposition to racism. Do not believe all the stupid rumors and false facts that junk magazines and the internet spreads! Do not build up a fear against a threat that does not exist! Never let hatred be greater than love. And remember:
The only true danger, threat and what limits you,is yourself and your thoughts.If you want freedom, make sure to always be free to love.


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